About Us

Our Award Winning Restaurant

I love food.  I love the unique tastes and flavor combinations we create, but I love how food brings people together most of all.

Since I was a little boy, I have seen food and cooking bring families and friends together.  From  making secret family recipes for Thanksgiving dinner to laughing around the kitchen with stories of friends, food has always been the common emotional thread for me.

When Jen and I started this restaurant, we wanted to share that same passion in every dish we make.

Fresh, of course, fresh ingredients is where we start. Form there, I like to experiment with flavors people are familiar with and make them new and exciting again by combining them with something unique.

I have been an executive chef, Jen has run several restaurants, but our diner is special.  The reason most restaurants taste the same is because they buy the same set of ingredients from the same suppliers.  Jen and I decided early on that our diner was to provide a one of a kind taste experience, from traditional breakfast fare and old family recipies to new creations every month.

So, if you are in the mood for a reason to like breakfast or lunch again, or if you are just plain hungry, come on by and try something from my family’s table to yours.